62: Rhino Machines – Silica Plastic Blocks

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62: Rhino Machines - Silica Plastic Blocks

Summer construction activity is at its peak in the US. And as we look for sustainable alternatives for bricks or pavers or other construction materials, we look Eastwards to one of our guests whose journey I have followed since our last recording. He is a very creative solution made almost entirely of waste and 2.5 times stronger than regular brick. This episode we felt definitely needed an encore. This episode is a re-air from  June 8,  2021


When Manish Kothari, Managing Director of Rhino Machines and a second-generation entrepreneur involved in the casting and foundry industry in India, saw how dark, dusty and dangerous this industry was to the environment and the workers, he decided to do something about it. He is a social entrepreneur with a passion for innovation who decided to tackle the dust and sand waste that the foundry creates. He reached out to Shridhar Rao, a partner in the architect firm R + D studio to make a brick by combining the foundry dust with plastic to create the first Silica Plastic Block (SPB). The SPB tested 2.5 times stronger than regular brick and it was comparable in cost to the regular bricks in Indian metro cities.

What makes this solution and entrepreneur special is Manish’s obstinance about not patenting his innovation. He in fact believes in assisting and sharing the know-how with other sustainable entrepreneurs. Learn more about these enterprising, creative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs on Mindful Businesses podcast.



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