About Us

Mindful Businesses: Sustainability Podcast for Entrepreneurs & Consumers– Learn the Art of Conscious Living

It’s never too late to adopt sustainable practices, but where can entrepreneurs and consumers get credible and authentic information and resources about eco-friendly practices. With this thought in mind, the nonprofit Mindful Businesses Inc. was born. 

In a weekly podcast, we navigate the ever-evolving field of sustainability, with intelligent inquiry and insights that reveal credible options for both businesses and consumers. Behind the curtains, Mindful Businesses connects sustainable innovators, entrepreneurs, and practitioners to create a community of thought leaders and builds networks to empower and support each other. This is an excellent platform for businesses to talk about the real-world challenges they face, and how they overcome these obstacles by switching to a conscious business model.  The Mindful Businesses podcast also introduces cutting-edge green products, helping consumers make better choices. 

About the host: 

Mindful Businesses , a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to showcasing guests that employ  sustainable social, economic and environmental practices, is produced and hosted by Vidhya Iyer. Vidhya is a small business owner, and forever-curious entrepreneur dedicated to creating a community of like-minded people, where sustainable practices, products, and processes are discussed in-depth, giving the audience an actionable and thought-provoking roadmap to living mindfully. 

Through this sustainability podcast, she aims to educate and empower both entrepreneurs and consumers with credible knowledge from industry leaders who have embraced eco-friendly approaches in every sphere– be it for running their business or in their personal lives. 

This platform engages in progressive dialogues about how we can make small changes to our daily routines to make the planet a safer and greener place. The focus is on bringing a measurable change in thought and action – so that the importance of sustainability becomes more widespread across a global audience, creating a worldwide impact.