82: Carbon8 Systems – Making Carbon Productive

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82: Carbon8 Systems - Making Carbon Productive

Each year, industries such as Waste-to-Energy, Cement and Biomass for power generation, send millions of tonnes of thermal residues to landfill. At the same time, these thermal processes produce significant amounts of carbon dioxide that are released into the atmosphere. We talk with Maarten Van Roon, Chief Commercial Officer of Carbon8 Systems. Carbon8 solutions is the result of hard work and persistence of researchers – Dr Paula Carey and Prof. Colin Hills. Carbon8 Systems is the inventor and owner of a chemical process that treats industrial residues, including hazardous waste, using CO2 captured directly from flue gas to transform them into valuable low-carbon products. Through its innovation in engineering, it has developed an on-site containerized solution that operates at industrial sites. Each CO₂ntainer can treat up to 12,000 tonnes of input residue material annually. The innovation views CO₂ and landfill destined residues as resource – ingredients, to engineer valuable, low-carbon products. Listen to learn more.

This episode is a re-air from November9, 2021



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