105: AIRCARBON – From Greenhouse Gas to Regenerative Materials

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105: AIRCARBON - From Greenhouse Gas to Regenerative Materials

Our planet needs greenhouse gases (GHGs) that help trap the heat and keep our planet warm and without which, the earth would be a very cold place. There are four major components of greenhouse gases (GHGs) – Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and fluorinated gasses. But why are GHGs a problem? As the GHGs increases it heats up the planet – even 1.5 degrees C increase is enough to cause significant climate change. What if we take the problem (GHGs) and use it in our solution? That is what exactly AIRCARBON does. We talk with Mark Herrema, the CEO and co-founder of Newlight Technologies, who invented a process that by feeding greenhouse gasses to microorganisms found in the ocean, is able to extract the AirCarbon and use it to replace plastic, leather, acetate and other fibers.When made with renewable power, the production of AIRCARBON is a carbon-negative process, capturing or destroying more CO2e than was emitted to make it. Unlike synthetic materials, the AIRCARBON molecule is a molecule made throughout nature, and can be re-consumed by natural microorganisms like leaves or twigs, enabling life to restore itself.Learn more about this fascinating process on this episode of Mindful Businesses. This episode is a re-air from May 3, 2022



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