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80: Ferrock – Carbon Negative Building Material

We talk with Dr. David Stone, inventor of Ferrock – Carbon Negative Building Material. David as a doctoral candidate, at the Arizona State University, researched on how to prevent iron from rusting. David realized that to prevent iron from rusting is especially challenging where iron exposed to humidity and oxygen in our atmosphere. While experimenting with silica fume as a rust-inhibitor, he saw the silica and rust reacting and bubbling. When cooled this compound became a very hard substance and David realized it could be a used as a substitute for cement. What had caused this chemical reaction? Learn more on this episode.

(David disclosed his invention and has received a patent. Ferrock is at the moment seeking investors. David can be reached at davidstone@ironshellmaterials.com)

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Carbon Capture
Carbon Capture
80: Ferrock - Carbon Negative Building Material