49: Othalo – The Future of Housing

OTHALO™ has developed a patent-pending technology to manufacture building systems using recycled plastic waste. The main market is the developing world where there is a massive need for affordable houses, refugee shelters, temperature-controlled units for storage of food and medicines, camps (hospitals, schools, temporary living) for disasters and emergency situations.

Frank Cato Lahti, has been developing and testing the OTHALO™ technology in partnership with SINTEF in Trondheim and the University in Tromsø since 2014. The company was formally established and patent applications filed in 2019. After years of self-funding the development, OTHALO™ is now in a position to scale up the company, supported by UN-Habitat, global thought-leaders, and many engaged partners. Frank joins us from Vard, Norway, a town filled with legends of magic and the Northern Lights. Listen to his fascinating journey in this episode.

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49: Othalo - The Future of Housing