12: MUD Jeans – Circular Denim – A World Without Waste

12: MUD Jeans - Circular Denim - A World Without Waste

MUD Jeans is a Dutch sustainable denim brand. In 2013 MUD Jeans introduced the innovative
‘Lease A Jeans’ fashion concept. With this concept MUD Jeans has won various prizes such as
the Edie Award for Sustainability Business Models and the Peta Vegan Award. On a daily basis,
the company engages and applies itself in the transition towards a circular fashion industry by
recycling or upcycling of resources where possible. MUD Jeans attains the high standards of
various sustainability organizations such as the worldwide B Corp. MUD Jeans is the first CO2
neutral denim brand according to the BLUEdot certificate process and participates via BLUEdot
in CO2 ‘positive’ projects by which it neutralizes its CO2 emission. Be the first to know about our latest episode by subscribing http://www.mindfulbusinessespodcast.com


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