94: The Glad Products Company – ​​Doing More to Waste Less

94: The Glad Products Company - ​​Doing More to Waste Less

In this episode we talk with Eric Schwarz, General Manager of The Glad Products Company. He talks about Glad’s commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, and helping consumers with their own green goals. Their sustainability journey focuses on 4 key areas: Products, Production, Packaging and Programs.

Products with less plastic – Glad has developed breakthrough technology that enables their most popular product, the drawstring kitchen trash bags to use less plastic than leading competition without sacrificing strength. They have to reduce 50% of virgin materials in Glad Trash by 2030 and have reduced it by 13% as of CY2020. Production with  less pollution – they are improving manufacturing processes to reduce environmental impact. They have achieved the goal of Zero Waste to Landfill manufacturing for North American plants and utilize 100% renewable electricity in our North American plants. Packaging with less waste –  reduce its environmental impact with the goal of 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable. They have achieved in making their packing 99% recyclable and have a 48% reduction in virgin packaging as of CY2020. Programs with more purpose – Glad teamed up with Recyclops to improve curbside recycling access across the U.S. Learn more in this episode.



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