17: Ricron Panels – Giving Value To Waste Plastics

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17: Ricron Panels - Giving Value To Waste Plastics

Laminated film is used in a wide range of flexible packaging applications such as food pharma, personal care products, etc. and then disposed off. The annual production of laminates in India is expected to be over 1 million MT with a market growth rate of 15-20%. These are used in your potato chip bags, candy wrappers and varied every packaging solutions. Waste generated from laminates has no productive value as it is expensive to recycle and thus ends up in landfills. Ricron Panels recovers this non-recyclable waste and uses its proprietary technology to convert this waste into forms of sheets that are used as a building material. It creates a product that is a substitute for plywood and in fact at some ways even better. It is waterproof, rust proof, termite resistant, fire – retardant, heat resistant and best of all it is recyclable. It creates a circular economy. In this episode, we learn about this solution from the co-founder Rahul Choudhary of Ricron Panels where he talks about the process and motivation to found this business.

Join us on his journey, especially with our sustainable house underway.

This episode is a re-air from February 4, 2020

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