113: Trustrace – ​​Platform For Product Traceability

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113: Trustrace - ​​Platform For Product Traceability

We talk with Shameek Ghosh, co-founder of Trustrace a platform that brings traceability and transparency to the fashion brands such as #Adidas, #Decathalon, and #FjällRaven. It all started when one of his coworkers/friend decided to return to India from Sweden to take over his ancestral property. His friend was dismayed at the destruction that the fashion industry had caused to the lands owned by his family for three generations in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. When they started to talk to leading sustainable brands in Sweden to see if they collaborate with factories in India, they were hesitant to work with companies 1000s of miles away as they wouldn’t be able to control the products and quality. After talking to these brands they developed a B2B SaaS platform that empowers fashion and textile brands to fully understand and take responsibility for the social and environmental impact of their supply chains. The company is the one-stop platform for brands aiming to solve major challenges of sustainability, compliance, and transparency in the supply chains. They track transactions and scope certificates in a standardized, digital format using an AI-driven platform. Brands can get granular visibility into the chain of custody and gather evidence needed to meet compliance requirements. And furthermore they can see the status of the materials and goods as they move through the supply chain. Learn more about this fascinating AI driven platform on this episode of Mindful Businesses.



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