103: Kazi – All Across Africa – Woven Together

103: Kazi - All Across Africa - Woven Together

Alicia Wallace is the COO of Kazi, a Mindful Business she founded after years of working in emerging economies and seeing the need for job creation at an everyday living wage. Today, Kazi is the largest artisan employer in Africa with nearly 6,000 artisans who support 24,700 dependents. Nearly all the artists are women. Through the process, the artists become self-sufficient businesspeople, improve their economic situation and gain the dignity and sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

The items they create aren’t pieces you’ll find at just any gift shop or farmers’ market! These intricately handwoven items – including bold wall statements, multi-purpose baskets, lighting and more – are designed with fashion, home and color trends in mind, then made from all natural materials and dyes found in Africa and sold here in the US. What were the challenges in entering markets and countries who are so different than one is used to? Alicia talk about it and other challenges on this episode of Mindful Businesses.




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