1: Palm Straw – Biodegradable Plant Based Straws

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1: Palm Straw - Biodegradable Plant Based Straws

The firsts in our lives have a special place in our life experience. May it be the first job, first business venture, first car and even your first podcast episode. Today we wanted to re-air on the 4 year anniversary, our first episode Palm Straw. It was a startup in 2019 which my mentor at that time Dora Lutz I suggest that I reach out to. This startup with such a simple sustainable idea and product did not make it through the pandemic, but nevertheless valuable sustainable lessons were learnt and shared in this early episode.

This episode was previously aired July 22, 2019


The environmentally conscious you doesn’t want to use plastic straws, but paper straws dissolve in your drinks. Here is the answer for you: Palm Straws! In this episode, we talk to Palm Straw co-founder Dave Mash about their bio-degradable plant-based​ straws. Be the first to know about our latest episode by subscribing http://www.mindfulbusinessespodcast.com


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