2: Our Sustainable Home – Rochester Passive House

What is a passive house? Is it economically feasible? Today we ask those questions of Matt Bowers of Rochester Passive House Consulting, a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
(NYSERDA) certified Passive House consultant. He gives us lucid and in-depth insights into how to build a passive house or at least an aspirational passive house. He recommends to start with a very tight envelope around the house. This not only reduces energy consumption but it increases durability. Along with this tightly sealed home, it is important to have ventilation to prevent moisture buildup and mold. Passive house principles focus on overall comfort level of a building – home, office or retail space. One of the passive house principles is that there shouldn’t be more than 6 degrees fahrenheit difference between different surfaces. Not only should the temperature be comfortable, it also aspires to have a very quiet home and good indoor air quality. This seemingly complex subject is simplified by Matt in this episode of Mindful Businesses. Take a listen. #passivehouse, #mindfubusinesseses #oursustainablehome, #ventilators #solarpanels #energyefficiency

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2: Our Sustainable Home - Rochester Passive House