106: The Buy Nothing Project – Buy Nothing, Build Community

Humans are inherently materialistic and seek happiness through objects, but what we get is enjoyment not happiness. Happiness tends to be more fulfilling and long term. Happiness often comes by connecting with your community, by sharing stories and creating trust. That is what The Buy Nothing Project does. We talk to the amazing Rebecca Rockerfeller, co-founder of The Buy Nothing Project, who started the movement with her friend Liesl Clark, as a way for community members to gift things that they don’t need any longer. But how are they different from donating, is the stories that they share with each other, that create bonds and communities. Spring is around the corner and if you are anything like me, I am overwhelmed with the clutter around me and making frequent trips to the donation sites. But maybe this Spring gift it through your neighborhood’s The Buy Nothing Project. Learn more from this amazing and truly authentic co-founder Rebecca Rockefeller on this episode of Mindful Businesses.

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106: The Buy Nothing Project - Buy Nothing, Build Community