116: Rebellyous Foods – No Harm, No Fowl

The question we ask – why was meat production industrialized instead plant-based meat production. Plant based meat is far more eco-friendly that meat production. We speak with Christie Lagally, CEO of Rebellyous Foods, who states that most plant-based meat until now were primarily using processes and methods that were an extension of how we would make them in a kitchen. She got to rethink the chicken nugget from the ground up – and build a better one. This means tackling the insanely hard work of rethinking the way our food is made. Christie, an aerospace engineer and her team of talented engineers are developed the Mock Two – the most advanced plant-based meat manufacturing system on the planet, to make the best tasting nugget. Listen to her passion making a great tasting product along with her compassion for the planet and people.

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116: Rebellyous Foods - No Harm, No Fowl