71: Greyston Bakery – Inclusive Hiring One Person At a Time

It all started with a Buddhist and a bakery in 1982. Since then, when people say, yes, I want to work; Greyston Bakery says yes right back. It begins by trusting in human potential. Greyston Bakery has opened its doors to those who ordinarily face rejection, providing those struggling to prosper an opportunity to thrive. When people say they want to work, they give them a chance, replacing scrutiny with trust, transforming lives, and breaking the cycle of poverty – one person and one job at a time. Today, they are scaling their mission through their Centers for Open Hiring in Yonkers and Rochester, New York by sharing their experience with business leaders and guiding them in implementing the Open Hiring® model in their organizations. With their Open Hiring®- no background checks, no resumes, no interviews- they invest in people and build communities, businesses, and a better world. Because it’s not someone’s past that matters — it’s their future. We talk to the compassionate and driven Joe Kenner, President and CEO of Greyston Bakery. Come and listen now!

Greyston Bakery is proudly Kosher and B Corp Certified.

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71: Greyston Bakery - Inclusive Hiring One Person At a Time