93: CLIMATETRADE – Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Francisco Benedicto Valentine, CEO of CLIMATETRADE, shares with us the journey about how CLIMATETRADE connects companies willing to offset their carbon emissions to a large number of verified environmental projects. They help companies achieve carbon neutrality by providing innovative emission offsetting services. They work hard to maintain the trust of our clients by offering total traceability through the blockchain technology. CLIMATETRADE helps the consumer compute their carbon footprint, may it be for a flight, an event they are hosting or for their business, and connects them with developers of the projects and issues the certificate to assure that their certificate is not resold. Their projects are classified by territories and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to enable ease and simplicity in picking the project of their choice. CLIMATETRADE comprises of a team of environmentally-conscious professionals who apply the best technology to offer ease and transparency to companies to offset their environmental impact. Learn more about this cutting edge topic on this episode of Mindful Businesses.
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Carbon Capture
93: CLIMATETRADE - Offset Your Carbon Footprint