90: Better Meat Co. – Plant Proteins For A Better Planet

Paul Shapiro, author, entrepreneur at the age of 13 told his parents that he wanted to become a vegetarian. Until that point every meal that Paul ate had meat. From that moment on, he has been on a journey to help reduce the consumption of meat on the planet. First by lobbying for better farm and agricultural practices to writing a book and talking about it. He soon realized that people have to be offered a better, whole and cheaper alternative to stop eating meat. Convincing people to give up meat on the basis of animal cruelty and its impact on our planet isn’t sufficient. Better Meat Co grows plant based meat by fermenting Rhizas – mycoprotein, protein made from fungi. Rhiza is objectively superior to textured plant protein isolates commonly used to make plant-based meat today. When it comes to nutrition, meat-like texture, and efficiency, Rhiza is just better because of its exponentially quicker harvest cycle, while using fewer resources such as land and water. It’s also a whole food with a complete amino acid profile, not a protein isolate or fractionate. They take common ingredients like potatoes and subject them to an age-old fermentation technique. Within hours, the result is an all-natural, high-protein, whole food with the natural texture of animal meat. If you are a meat lover committed to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, this episode is for you.

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90: Better Meat Co. - Plant Proteins For A Better Planet