11: The Farmer’s Dog – A Smarter, Healthier Pet Food.

The Farmer’s Dog was founded on the belief that, like people, pets should be enabled to lead their best possible lives. Their first product is a subscription service that delivers wholesome, freshly-cooked meals for dogs – an antidote to the unregulated, highly processed, preservative-fueled world of commercial pet food.The Farmer’s Dog launched in 2014 after co-founder Brett’s battle to solve the stomach issues of his dog, Jada. After testing every pet food on the market without success, Brett tried a fresh, home-cooked diet at his vet’s recommendation. The results were staggering – Jada was cured. Having witnessed first-hand the power of fresh food, he teamed up with Jonathan to rethink the pet food industry from the ground-up and create the simple, healthy product they wished had existed for their own dogs (and dogs everywhere!).

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11: The Farmer's Dog - A Smarter, Healthier Pet Food.