118: Aquipor – Permeable Sustainable Concrete

In this episode we talk with Greg Johnson, co-founder and CEO of AquiPor. AquiPor’s unique permeable concrete material in conjunction with proprietary engineering technology can transform traditional hard surfaces into stormwater infiltration corridors.The technology utilizes inherently low carbon “cement” and upcycled industrial minerals. This new concrete technology eliminates the need for CO2 emitting cement plants.

AquiPor’s permeable concrete technology not only manages stormwater naturally, but our material utilizes an inherently low-carbon cement that requires a fraction of the energy and emits a fraction of the CO2 than that of traditional concrete. By developing solutions such as these, AquiPor is not only addressing climate change, but making our communities more resilient, but also bringing better economics to our physical infrastructure systems. Learn more in this episode of Mindful Businesses.

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118: Aquipor - Permeable Sustainable Concrete