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3: Our Sustainable Home – CABN – Net Zero Housing For All

In this episode, we talk with Jackson Wyatt, CEO of CABN – sustainable net-zero homes. We are in an housing crisis where traditionally built homes are slow to built, costly and inefficient. CABN is net-zero housing for everyone to live anywhere, live sustainably, and live connected. In an effort to making net-zero, sustainable homes available to all, CABN uses intelligent building design, fabrication, and assembly to build homes that cost the same as a home build with conventional methods. Using his expertise in manufacturing, shipping, and sustainability, Jackson founded CABN. Working with a team of industry experts, he developed a technology to offer affordable and sustainably-built off-grid housing that can be assembled anywhere, even in difficult-to-construct locations.

CABN’s patent-pending Energy Informed Design (EID) process is one of the elements that excite him the most. EID, plus integrated renewable energy, mechanical systems, innovative materials, and building techniques, create a home that is truly the means to rapid, attainable and sustainable housing for anyone, anywhere.

In addition CABN Foundation, a non-profit organization, is committed accessible and affordable housing. It partners with municipalities and developers to bring affordable housing to to remote, low-income and indigenous communities. Learn more about this passionate social entrepreneur in this episode.

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Our Sustainable Home
3: Our Sustainable Home - CABN - Net Zero Housing For All