114: Wespire – Build A Better Working World

As a corporate leader what if you were told you could increase employee retention by over 30% by using behavioral and attitudinal nudges to bring improvement in both their commitment to ESG and their own company ecosystem, while keeping their most valuable asset – their people – engaged. With more than a decade of experience, WeSpire employee engagement consultants partner with organizations to create purpose-centric engagement strategies that help turn ambitious impact goals into reality. Each solution is customized to the organizations needs by first having a conversation to helps understand what they would like to achieve as well as your strategy and goals.They uncover and analyze not just the existing initiatives, but also the prevailing attitudes and behaviors that exist in the workplace that may accelerate or hinder success. These transformative behavioral and attitudinal insights help companies by shedding light on the standards and frameworks, and provide strategies for engaging employees around ESG. Learn more in our conversation with Susan Hunt Stevens  founder and CEO of Wespire.



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114: Wespire - Build A Better Working World