23: Alabama Chanin – For a Modern Sustainable Life.

We talk with the founder and slow design pioneer Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin. The company that has become what Alabama Chanin is today began early in 2000 with Natalie creating hand-sewn garments made from cotton jersey t-shirts. They are a leader in elevated craft due to a strong belief in tradition and dedication to locally sewn garments and goods—both hand and machine-sewn. They maintain responsible, ethical, and sustainable practices holding themselves to the highest standards for quality. At Alabama Chanin, they preserve traditions of community, design, producing, and living arts by examining work and life through the acts of storytelling, photography, education, and making. Natalie in her soothing mellifluous voice walks us through her journey in creating Alabama Chanin. Come take a listen.

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23: Alabama Chanin - For a Modern Sustainable Life.