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45: Green Heirloom – Sustainable Organic Cookware

We chat with Kaviya Cherian, founder of Green Heirloom, as we follow the traditions and customs of traditional cookware in different parts of the world, how our food and cookware are far more connected than we think. Green Heirloom is a unique platform that brings sustainable and eco-friendly cookware from artisans and creators across India to the world. Green Heirloom not only assures quality and a treasured asset that can be bequeathed to generations, but it also helps you to do your bit in sustaining many communities who rely on this traditional occupation. They work with artisans, involve and engage with them at each step of the way, not only to bring to market a product suited for their customers but also to ensure that the artisans are rewarded adequately for their efforts.

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45: Green Heirloom - Sustainable Organic Cookware