108: Cerebelly – Science Backed Baby Food

Today we talk on our show with Dr. Teresa Purzner and Nick Langan, co-founders of Cerebelly who as parents of infants wanted to make sure that their kids get the best possible nutrition not only for their physical but also for brain development. They were surprised to learn when they flipped over a packet or bottle of baby food the mismatch between the actual stated ingredients and the nutrients in the baby food. Teresa knew that the baby brain, as complex as it is, develops in stages and each stage requires different nutrients for its optimal development. The brother and sister duo started experiment with baby foods with your own children and wanted to bring the art and science of baby food to other babies. Teresa and Nick teamed up with world-class pediatricians, nutritionists, and food scientists. Together, they created Cerebelly—delicious, farm-fresh, organic baby food that provides real nutrition for a growing brain and body. Cerebelly unites neuroscience, nutrition, and organic, farm-fresh food to give them the very best from the very start. Learn more about their attention to details and passion in this episode of Mindful Businesses.

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108: Cerebelly - Science Backed Baby Food